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Pin contacts

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Precision screw-machined pin contacts are the best choice for many applications:

  • High quality, low dimensional tolerances
  • Best surface of the mating end for applications requiring high mating cycle count
  • Wide range of dimensions and geometry
    Length from 3 to 50 mm
    Diameter from 0.25 to 6 mm
  • Low initial (tooling) costs and attractive prices for medium and high volume production due to manufacturing on high speed automatic lathes

With its own plating unit, PRECI-DIP offers single source services for finished contacts.

Bi-bloc pin contacts

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PRECI-DIP offers "selective plated" bi-bloc pin contact with the high quality of machined contact and the advantages of selective plating.

These contacts are made from 2 parts: the contact body with termination and the connecting or mating pin manufactured separately and assembled after plating.