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DIL - Sockets

Series 110

2.54 mm, Solder tail automatic insertion

DIL sockets with ribbed insulator body and soft copper alloy contacts compatible with automatic insertion equipment.

Technical specs.:

Insulator: Black glass filled polyester PBT-GF30-FR
Flammability: UL 94V-O
Sleeve: Brass CuZn36Pb3 (C36000)
Contact : Clip (4 finger): Beryllium copper (C17200)
Accepted pin Ø: 0.40 to 0.56 mm
Insertion Forces: 2 N typ.
Withdrawal Forces: 1 N typ.
(polished steel gauge Ø 0.43 mm)
Mechanical life: Min. 100 cycles
Rated current: 1 A
Contact resistance: Max. 10 mΩ
Dielectric strength: Min. 1000 V RMS
2.54 mm, Solder tail automatic insertion
2.54 mm, Solder tail automatic insertion

Ordering information RoHS-compliant parts

  PP Plating code SleeveClip 
 87 Tin Gold flash
 83 Tin Gold 0.75 µm

Other pin count please consult


General technical specs. View CAD

Advanced information:

Order Codes Poles A B C D E See    
110-PP-306-41-605101 6 7.62 View Image
110-PP-308-41-605101 8 7.62 View Image
110-PP-314-41-605101 14 7.62 View Image
110-PP-316-41-605101 16 7.62 View Image
110-PP-318-41-605101 18 7.62 View Image
110-PP-320-41-605101 20 7.62 View Image
110-PP-324-41-605101 24 7.62 View Image
110-PP-422-41-605101 22 10.16 View Image
110-PP-624-41-605101 24 15.24 View Image
110-PP-628-41-605101 28 15.24 View Image
110-PP-632-41-605101 32 15.24 View Image
110-PP-640-41-605101 40 15.24 View Image