Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo pin connectors

Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo pin connectors


SLC products, PAD products



Sockets Contacts, Pin Contacts



PCB Connectors

PCB Connectors

Socket connectors, Pin connectors
Square Pin connectors, Headers

DIL / SIL / TO Sockets

DIL Sockets, DIL Headers
SIL Sockets, TO  Sockets

PRECI-DIP at Satellite Show - Washington DC 2024

Satellite Show - Washington DC 2024

PRECI-DIP will exhibit at the Space Show mit from March 19th to 21th 2024 at Washington DC. 🛰️🌎✨

PRECI-DIP, we specialize in providing cutting-edge interconnect solutions for communication applications, recognizing the pivotal role of connectivity across all sectors.

Satellite technology, which is integral to various fields ranging from government and military operations to transportation and media, continues to revolutionize communication, promote cooperation, and explore new frontiers.

PRECI-DIP has been at the forefront of this revolution, pushing the boundaries of miniaturization and enhancing performance with our interconnect solutions that meet the stringent requirements of 5G. As the satellite industry evolves rapidly, PRECI-DIP stands ready with a fully integrated production framework, bespoke solutions, and a committed engineering team. We are well-equipped to meet the market’s demands and standards, and to tackle the challenges of the future. 

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