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Series 0900-CLIP

Series 0900-CLIP

High Reliability Spring Loaded Contact with CLIP Design



Spring Loaded Contact with berrylium copper spring

General specifications - PGA / BGA / PLCC SOCKETS

The values listed below are general specs applying for PRECI-DIP PGA, BGA and PLCC sockets. Please see individual catalog page for additional and product specific technical data.

Operating temperature range: -55 ... +125 °C
Climatic category (IEC): 55/125/21
Operating humidity range: annual mean 75 %
Max working voltage: 100 VRMS/150 VDC (2.54 mm grid)

PRECI-DIP sockets are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and listed under "Connectors for Use in Data, Signal, Control and Power Applications", File Nr. E174442

Mechanical characteristics

Clip retention                                             Min. 40 N (no displacement under axial force applied)
Contact (sleeve / clip) retention             Min. 3.3 N acc. to MIL-DTL-83734, pt

Electrical characteristics

Insulation resistance between any two adjacent contacts      Min. 10'000 MΩ at 500 V AC
Capacitance between any two adjacent contacts                     Max. 1 pF (PLCC max. 2 pF)
Self inductance per contact                                                           Max. 2 nH

Environmental characteristics

The sockets withstand the following environmental tests without mechanical and electrical defects:

  • Dry heat steady state IEC 60512-11-9.11i / 60068-2-2.Bb: 125 °C, 16h
  • Damp heat cyclic IEC 60512-11-12.11m / 60068-2-30.Db: 25/55 °C, 90 – 100 %rH, 1 cycle of 24 h
  • Cold steady state IEC 60512-11-10.11j / 60068-2-1.A: -55 °C, 2 h
  • Thermal shock IEC 60512-11-4.11d / 60068-2-14.Na: -55/125 °C, 5 cycles 30 min
  • Sinusoidal vibrations IEC 60512-6-4.6d / 60068-2-6.Fc: 10 to 500 Hz, 10 g, 1 octave/min, 10 cycles for each axis
  • Shock IEC 60512-6-3.6c / 60068-2-27.Ea: 50 g, 11 ms, 3 shocks in three axis

During the above two tests no contact interruption >50 ns does appear.

  • Solderability J-STD-002A, Test A, 245°C, 5 s solder alloy SnAg3.8Cu0.7
  • Resistance to soldering heat J-STD-0020C, 260°C, 20 s
  • Resistance to corrosion:
         Salt spray test IEC 60068-2-11.Ka: 48 h
         Sulfur dioxide (SO2) test IEC 60068-2-42 Kc: 96 h at 25 ppm SO2, 25 °C, 75 %rH
         Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) test IEC 60068-2-43 Kd: 96 h at 12 ppm H2S, 25 °C, 75 %rH

Solderless compliant Press-Fit characteristics

Press-fit characteristics measured acc. to IEC 60352-5

Press-in force:               90 N max. (at min. hole dia.) / 65 N typ.
Push-out force:              30 N min. (at max. hole dia.) / 50 N typ.
Push-out 3rd cycle:       20 N min. (at max. hole dia.)

PCB Hole Dimensions

2.54 mm grid                  Finished hole Ø: 1 + 0.09/-0.06 mm
                                          Drilled hole Ø: 1.15 ± 0.025 mm 

Interstitial grid                Finished hole Ø: 0.7 + 0.09/-0.06 mm
                                          Drilled hole Ø: 0.8 ± 0.02 mm 

PCB Hole Plating

PCB surface finish        Hole plating

Tin                                    5-15 µm tin over min. 25 µm copper 
Copper                            min. 25 µm copper 
Gold over nickel             0.05-0.2 µm gold over 2.5-5 µm nickel
                                         over min. 25 µm copper


  • Standard connector packaging is card box.
  • SMD mount connectors available on request with Tape & Reel packaging acc. to EIA Standard 481
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