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Functional principle PRECI-DIP spring-loaded contacts are made of a contact body or barrel, a piston and an helical compression spring. The electrical contact is established by the pressure against a fixed, flat area called the pad connector.

An evolving line Based on this initial model, we have developed additional designs featuring particular advantages:

contacts with a slant or polygonal piston. These designs lead to a radial force on the piston, resulting in a lower ohmic resistance.

patented coaxial or in-line designs with integrated multifi nger sliding contact (clip) establishing electrical continuity between body and piston.

The electrical multipoint connection between the mobile piston and the clip guarantees low, stable electrical resistance values without micro-discontinuities, even when the piston is moving or in case of vibrations, thus assuring maximum reliability.

We produce since 1995 a wide range of dimensions with varying technical specifications (see table).

Preci dip

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