Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo pin connectors

Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo pin connectors


SLC products, PAD products



Sockets Contacts, Pin Contacts

PCB Connectors

PCB Connectors

Socket connectors, Pin connectors
Square Pin connectors, Headers

DIL / SIL / TO Sockets

DIL Sockets, DIL Headers
SIL Sockets, TO  Sockets

Sturdy solutions for the transportation industry


PRECI-DIP with its cutting edge technology, develops state-of the-art solutions for the automotive industry

The automotive market is moving fast and requires innovative solutions and products to meet with tomorrows most advanced requirements. Performance, miniaturization and lightness are key and PRECI-DIP is dedicated to meet with these challenges. We are in this industry since more than 20 years and have a long experience in developing and manufacturing contacts and connectors for various applications in cars, trains, agricultural vehicles, tramways, subways, etc.

Our wide range of competencies and products allow us to find the right products for all applications. It can be embedded electronics like a Satnav, advanced features like camera, radar, sensors, PRECI-DIP will have the solution for any needs in the automotive market.

Our broad product portfolio includes spring-loaded contacts and connectors, board-to –board connectors, special custom-design connectors, high-performances contacts and connectors for heavy duty and harsh environment.

Please contact us for your automotive connection needs. PRECI-DIP is your right partner and we will be dedicated to find and implement the right solution to your application.

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