Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo pin connectors


SLC connectors, PAD connectors

PCB Connectors

Socket connectors, Pin connectors
Square Pin connectors, Headers

DIL / SIL / TO Sockets

DIL Sockets, DIL Headers
SIL Sockets, TO  Sockets



Sockets Contacts, Pin Contacts


  1. Dead connector system interface, professional mobile radio
  2. SMD connector for automatic assembly for mobile phone loudspeaker
  3. Flex-print connector with orientation pins and protective cover, GSM base station
  4. Double action connector, cover position detector on mobile phone
  5. Connector with integrated guiding system for docking station for professional mobile radio
  6. System interface connector with locking device for professional mobile radio
  7. SMD spring-loaded board-to-board connector for blind assembly on professional mobile radio
  8. SIM card connector in mobile phones and professional mobile radios
  9. Connector with holding bracket for remote microphone and control unit for mobile radio
  10. Connector for sealed assembly for mobile phone battery
  11. Miniature spring-loaded connector, very low profile with less than 2.5 mm working height


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